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Post  Oscar on Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:56 am

Here is a quick and simple connection guide for anyone interested in joining the server.

(Assuming you have downloaded and updated your game, we will begin).

1. Start by downloading a launcher for DayZ. In this example I will use a popular launcher known as DayZ Commander. You can download that here.

2. Once you have your launcher installed, open the program to the default page.

3. On the 'servers' tab, navigate to the bottom left and click the button 'RESET ALL FILTERS'. This is just to change everything to the default settings, so that you can easily find the server.

Connection guide Image
4. Navigate to the top left and find the 'Filter' field. Go ahead and type in 'dsrptz' (without the quotations). This has now been changed to 'DISRUPTION DAYZ'.

Connection guide Image

5. Now you've entered the characters, go to the top right and click the 'refresh all servers' button.

Connection guide Image

6. Wait for the refreshing to complete and the following server should pop up.

Connection guide Image

7. You can add this server to your favourites by clicking the highlighted yellow button on the left.

8. Once you've favourited the server, it is accesible in the 'favorites' tab along the top.

9. If you double click the server, it will launch the game and you will be able to play.

10. Have fun and enjoy your stay.


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