Crashed Helicopter loot revised!

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Crashed Helicopter loot revised! Empty Crashed Helicopter loot revised!

Post  Oscar on Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:38 am

Last night, me and Loco performed a revision on the loot tables of the crashed helicopters. The specifics will probably need adjusting, but it's safe to say the following:

- AS50's have been removed

- M107's have been removed, but they are allowed. Since they can very rarely spawn in barracks. I cannot touch the loot tables anymore than this.

- All other weapons that spawned initially have been increased. More spawn piles have been increased. Making crash sites extremely popular for gearing up quickly.

- This means you'll need to pay extra care when landing or investigating a crash site! These areas will obviously entail high traffic for PvP.

Enjoy the additional loot, guys.


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