BattlEye: Corrupted Data #3

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BattlEye: Corrupted Data #3 Empty BattlEye: Corrupted Data #3

Post  Oscar on Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:58 pm

'BattlEye: Corrupted Data #3' is an associated and now commonly known kick for using a injection based hack. Most common injections known to the DayZ hacking community are known as 'Survival Hack' or 'Virtual Advantage (VA), DayZ hack'.

If you've been wrongly excused and banned for this hack, make a thread (using the template) and appeal. This is not a personal circumstance, we ban people based on common threats, often presented by BE. It is a safety precaution on our behalf. Occasionally kicks can be inaccurate, requiring an un-ban.

If you're willing to appeal, I'm willing to un-ban people. But remember, you will be placed under a watch list until proven innocent.

Remember, this is not personal, this is a safety precaution.

Thanks for tuning in.


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