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Post  Apennatie on Wed Jan 16, 2013 9:12 am


Today I got banned for spawning items. While I did not. I killed 2 guys who were chasing me and I killed them. Shortly after that I got banned for spawning Items.
I had a m107 and a fn fal which I found at a crashed heli site.
I think I killed 2 admins, which probably got mad and banned me for retaliation. There is no proof that I spawned items of any kind.

I found it that this server lacks of proper admins, kicking people because they cannot win.


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Post  Oscar on Wed Jan 16, 2013 10:06 am

It goes two ways; either you had spawned gear, or you found it legitimately. Survival hackers are constant on the server. We take it upon ourselves to remain safe by removing potential threats. The host provider's utilities for anti-hacking aren't fantastic. Implying that people can be falsely banned from lack of information. You've made the effort to appeal, I can respect that.

However, it doesn't help your case when you make accusations such as Admin abuse. I make damn sure the boys are kept in order. If they've crossed the line, it goes through me. I hope you realise you didn't kill any Admins under our command to begin with. So you aren't helping yourself.

I'll remove the ban on potential false claims of you spawning in gear. If anything bad happens on your part, it will be a permanent ban. This is just friendly advice from somebody who wants to keep the community clean. This is nothing personal, it's just a precaution on our part.



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