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Alexei Stukov appeal Empty Alexei Stukov appeal

Post  Alexei Stukov on Thu Jan 17, 2013 4:50 am

In-game name: Alexei Stukov

Reason for ban: Unknown


I was refueling a tractor when suddenly I was hit with an admin ban for teleporting. I honestly have no clue why, it came out of nowhere and with no explanation.

I had logged out before getting into the tractor to answer the door, and had came back to kill a few animals for meat and drive the tractor around. The tractor was in a field some ways north of cherno, I believe.

If someone can clear this up, it would be appreciated.

Alexei Stukov

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Alexei Stukov appeal Empty Re: Alexei Stukov appeal

Post  NightmareZee on Thu Jan 17, 2013 6:40 am

Hi Alex,

I saw you were by a tractor, north of Cherno. However, your character managed to go from the tractor and teleport 5 clicks to where 5 of our squad were. You then went back to the tractor. It suspiciously appeared to be teleporting.

You have made the effort to appeal, so I will lift the ban. If you're seen doing anything in the future, it will be a permanent ban.

Although this could be wrong, we depend on imperfect anti-hack utilities to monitor players. Much like all bans, it is treated as a safety precaution and not a personal circumstance.



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